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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Area and Perimeter Creatures!

Today, the students who were all caught up with their procedural writing and 2018 goal setting, designed creatures (animals, robots, emoticons) using grid paper. Once they completed their designs, they had to calculate the perimeter and area of the head, body, legs and arms of their creation. I noticed that the students are quite proficient at calculating area but still need a bit of practice at calculating the perimeter of irregular shapes. We will project some of their creatures on the Smartboard tomorrow and work on this skill as a class. 

Hannah made a cat named Pearl.

Meet DJ Robot, Alrizha's colourful creation.

Sofia and Neela pose with Frank and Bella Bear. Brye-Anna and Cameron are holding Valentina and Kucashni!

Bella Bear up close.

Frank busting a dance move!

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